Reio Ono

Name: Relo Ono

Bike: 1961 Suzuki Selped 50

BEHIND THE BUILD: At home with rigors of the Build Off, it was Reio Ono’s 2015 third place win spurred him to return this year. Going back to the drawing board, this time he’s honed his skills and created a machine to be campaigned against the Deus Firefly in a local under 60cc vintage race series. The bare-bones 1961 Suzuki Selped 50 masterpiece is a parred back expression of minimalist steam punk. Its press metal frame was stripped of even paint in search of weight savings. An aluminum seat pan of Ono’s own design was hand beaten, ribbed then upholstered in a single layer of edge stitched, full grain tan leather (seat padding has no place on the podium we’re guessing). Its fuel cell was made from the outer surfaces of a junk tank lying at the back of his workshop, cut and welded together. Its race number boards are recycled aluminum registration plates, lightly curved by English wheel to stop them flapping at speed while a hand crafted expansion chamber helps eek out every last fraction of a horsepower from the overhauled 50cc two stroke engine. Embodying the spirit of “creating the most from the least” the most expensive element of the build – a fresh set of race compound tyres and the $125 donor machine itself.