Jeff Wolf

Name: Jeff Wolf

Bike: Wolf

BEHIND THE BUILD: I built this bike specifically for the Deus 2016 bike build off, paying close attention to “build the most with the least.” I wanted to go with something timeless and found that a board track racer was just what I wanted to do. Rather than rebuilding one, I wanted to do what they used to do, build it in our garage using left overs, scraps, and parts left in the back of cabinets. Our buddy in Arizona built the frame, then we put it on the garage table and went from there; fitting it with a Briggs and Stratton motor, all bored out to over 200cc with 12 hp and a 13;1 compression. We used scrap metal for most brackets and parts and even my kids aluminum baseball bat from Jr league baseball for the carburetor velocity stack. The biggest obstacle in building this bike was the conflicting views between my son and I. We both want to finish at the same place in the build, but have different ways of getting there. We’re really happy with how it came out and how fun it is to ride. We are also on Facebook and Instagram as Wolf Creative Customs.