Yuji Maeda

Name: Yuji Maeda

Bike: H-D FLH 1975

Location: Japan

BEHIND THE BUILD: "We use many of my original parts. Taillight lens and marker light lens of diamond cut glass lens. These include sand cast cab covers, tail lights, kick pedals and one-off attachments for cast iron brake rotors, caliper supports made of aluminum, etc. The exhaust pipe is also produced with the help of a fellow builder. Repair and installation of FRP fuel tank, seat, etc .... Contains my work. We have an entry in Odaiba in 2016, but please re-challenge. I bought this motorcycle from my friend in 1999. Since then, I have shared many memories. And the form has changed. The engine was also rebuilt with the help of acquaintances. Build the HD 75-year FLH in the Scrambler (flat track mix) style. The exterior, including the brake system, is affected by the flat truck. We design and manufacture casting taillights and glass lens marker lights (made in Japan). In addition, I designed the carburetor cover, made a wooden mold, and made it with a sand mold. There is also the cooperation of my builder friends, but I do a work together. "