Troy Paschini

Name: Troy Paschini

Bike: Choppageddon Cub' 1980 Honda Cub

Location: Australia

BEHIND THE BUILD: "I'm a backyard builder with a love of choppers. I won the people's choice award for my entry Into the deus build off 2016. I would like to get involved again this time around with a little Honda cub that has been stretched and chopped. Growing up in the 70's with parents who raced speed cars and a father who owned a garage and wrecking yard, customizing bikes started at a very young age. My older brother and I would pull apart our dragster push bikes and reassemble them with different handlebars and seats. This history influenced my 2016 Deus 'People's Choice' winning bike where I put a 125cc pit engine into an old 70's dragster push bike. My push bike hobby would evolve into building motorcycles later in life. I started customizing 70's Jap bikes as they were cheap and fun to ride. Over the years I have built several different choppers, from Harley Davidson Shovelheads to Yamaha XS650's. I thought It would be fun for my next project to turn a Honda cub into a chopper. So I cracked on with it! I found a 1980 cub with a new spare 125cc pit engine on Gumtree for $300 and the bloke only lived 800mtrs up the road. After I purchased the bike, I pulled it down completely and started to design it. I've always loved what the Indonesian bike builders have done with their Honda cubs- So cutting the frame in half and extending it by 100mm was the start of many frame modifications. This was followed by cutting a new seat pan, reshaping the rear fender and hardtailing it. Once all the frame modifications were done, next was to build custom handlebars and a sissybar. I wanted the bike to be as narrow as possible so lane splitter bars was the obvious choice. I built them from a couple of old motor cross handlebars that I had hanging around in the shed. The sissybar was made from a 10mm square bar. I wanted to create something that looked like lighting bolts coming down from each side of the sissybar. The finishing touches for the metal work included twisted highway pegs and the suicide gear shifter. Being a chopper it had to have a Springer front-end. I found a supplier in Thailand who also provided me with two new rims and spokes. When they arrived- I had to assemble them which was tedious to say the least! The last thing to install was the new 125cc pit engine that I got with the cub. I replaced the engine kicker with an old push bike pedal and used a old Victor lawn mower fuel tank to store the petrol. I also added a longer carby manifold so I could put the air filter on the side. When it came to the exhaust I knew wanted it to be sweeping upwards and that i wanted it to make a statement. I'm pretty happy with the end result. They are a cheap and fun little bike to recreate. "