Tom Warrilow

Name: Tom Warrilow

Bike: HONDA CX500 1981

Location: UK

BEHIND THE BUILD: Im just your typical lad who enjoys getting in the garage locking myself away from the world to be immersed with my own imagination. My younger years of biking started with a 50cc moped going on to passing my full licence at the age of 21, for years i fixated on the latest sports bikes and hadn't even noticed other motorcycles that weren't track/race ready. I always liked tinkering with my bikes but it was always bolt on bolt off stuff and i always found myself wanting to do more adventurous mods without the fear of breaking it. Anyway.. My dad brought an absolute minter of a KH250 chasing a bit of nostalgia and at the time it didn't have my interest other than the fact that it sounded great and smelt like heaven. It was at this point that i asked the question "what other bikes have you had?" Through the list that was discussed and after some research due to my ignorance i came across the CX500, first thoughts.. boy was it ugly, but the engine that was something that got my attention. The following months would see me getting a daily dose of cafe racers, brat bikes anything that had been chopped and modified, my mind was opened up to the appreciation of all aspects of engineering and the love of classic and custom motorbikes. So... I brought the bike in the winter of 2015, enjoyed the V-twin so much i didn't do anything else other than ride it, again it was new to me prior to the CX500 as i was riding a Fireblade and a rev happy R6 before hand. I started off being safe stripping the fuel tank paint with what felt like 100 litres of Nitro-Morse it took forever. I then slightly chopped the frame to weld a new seat loop with skimmed edge to accommodate the £3.50 integrated tail light from china off good old trusty Ebay. Everything was done on a budget, cheap parts from Ebay, auto jumbles and scrap metal from mates houses that was lying about. Eventually i made my own wiring loom as i couldn't figure out the existing one which had meters worth of horrible sticky insulation tape wrapped around it. The Bike had issues.. it bogged, it spat, it leaked, but everything was fixed at the roadside without any help. I even rode around with a jump pack strapped to the pillion seat, try bump starting a CX500 in the height of summer with no hills to be seen.. Sod that! I have never had the luxury of excess money to buy the best brands or the excess time to complete the build in a short period, with that ive always worked from the process of, build in winter make it ride-able by summer. So for the past 4 winters going into my 5th i have modified the bike, the competition states that the bike must run, It does run!! it just isn't completely done at this moment in time. I have always tried to document the journey of my CX500 by photos and the use of Instagram. Some parts of the bike have been a pain in the backside but i have enjoyed all of it non the less. The bike is currently under going the mono-shock conversion and is set to be ready by April this will not be the completed article of the bike but it will be finished in its new stance. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was my bike.. truth is, it will never be done ive changed my mind numerous times and have redone certain parts to get it right. The CX500 cost me £1000 and it will never matter how much it owes me, i expect to still have it in my life in the next 10+ years with ever developing ideas and modifications. And if your wondering about my Instagram name? I used to do graffiti, the name stuck and the group that im a part of (Push Your Luck) is now a a bunch of mates developed of an illustrator, tattooist and wanna be bike builder. We all like to stand for something. And here is where i stand. Its all for a bit of fun.. sure headaches happen but we all do it for the end game.. grinning ear to ear whilst throwing it into corners on the wildest roads you can find.