Ted Swiet

Name: Ted Swiet

Bike: "MO-Bretta" 1958 Lambretta 125LD

Location: USA

BEHIND THE BUILD: I bought my first vintage scooter when I was 14 with my paper route money. That was decades ago, I still have it and love riding it. Recently I started riding dirt bikes, and having a great time. I found this 1958 Lambretta 125LD rusting in a yard. It was completely frozen, but I loved the look of it and really wanted to get it running. After a lot of searching for parts, I decided that it was too expensive to even get it running, and wasn't a good restoration project, so it might become yard art. Since I had been riding dirt I thought maybe I could fit a dirt bike motor in the Lambretta frame and it would at least be a runner. I bought a cheap 125 Dirt Pit Bike and used the motor an parts to get the Lambretta rolling. I've designed and built lots of things but never a bike, and I had my doubts. I got the motor in and rigged up some controls. It was quite a thrill to start it for the first time. I rode it 2 blocks uphill before the chain popped off and I had to coast back down with my feet as brakes. I was so stoked because I had a "runner". If it went 2 blocks I could just improve it to go a few miles. Sine then I have been making improvements all the time. I love this bike because it combines my lifelong history with vintage scooters and my new interest in off road dirt bikes. It looks vintage cool, It's street legal, and totally rips in the dirt. I call it "MO_Bretta" Because it is 1/2 Moto and 1/2 Lambretta.