Stefano Brunetti

Name: Stefano Brunetti

Bike: "Little Izabel" Yamaha SR500

Location: Italy

BEHIND THE BUILD: Ciao! my name is Stefano and this is my bike “Little Izabel” I am a motor lover since i was ten years old and bikes have always been in my life. From 2008 i started following bikes builders and i was really fascinated by the return of the old motorbikes without fairing and completely restyled to give them new profiles and appeal. few years ago i decided to buy an old bike, it was completely abandoned, rusty and with a not working engine, but for me it was in any case a beautiful bike. In the following years i completely dismounted and reassembled it in my garage, renewing all the pieces bringing it back to its original state, than i thought to transform it in a Café Racer so i started buying an old fuel tank of an Honda CB 350 and making by hand mudguard, tail, seat, light support and more. After many difficulties and many backaches i am proud to have finished it and i would be thankful if you would let me take part to “The Deus bike build off”