Sebastian Kliesch

Name: Sebastian Kliesch

Bike: KTM LC4 400 "Katia"

Location: Australia

BEHIND THE BUILD: This was my first ever full built. I’ve been riding bikes for 20 years now..always customised everything I owned. Now I finally wanted to learn to do things I’ve never done before. Fabricating, welding etc. So sourced this little 1997 KTM LC4 was a bit rough, but mechanically top. The previous owner just competed a 2000km off road race with it and rebuilt all the suspension prior. The perfect base. I was on a tight budget, so all the parts for this bike were sourced 2nd hand. Which I believe is also ecologically much more responsible. There are so many used parts can literally find anything 2nd hand. From first fittings in my living room it escalated quickly to chopping up the subframe and sourcing vintage parts to give it that vintage enduro look. The tank came off a 1975 DT175, the seat of a cafe racer, so did the chrome fenders. How cool are the chrome feeders?! Doesn’t get more vintage than that. ;-) But we also combined modern tech in the bike. For example the headlight and taillight surrounds are 3D printed by a mate who was happy to jump on board and try some new stuff. The wheels I got replaced at Chivo’s. What a guy...he’s like a 100 years and super old school. I was very specific on that the sizing and tyres would make an essential part of the design of the bike. main inspiration for that build was the “Caselli” Bike from Roland Sands. This dude just had style in whatever he builds. Of course I can’t match the production quality...but hey what counts is that I try and do my best.;) Adrian from Sol helped me out big time. And the rest of the bike I built at Rising Sun workshop. Now it’s a little head turner that wants to do wheelies all the time. It doesn’t just look’s also still a full grown dirt bike. I didn’t change the suspension, the White Power parts of that generation are known to be some of the best suspension parts KTM has ever used in their bikes. Kick start battery! As raw and real as it gets.;-)