Sean Miller

Name: Sean Miller

Bike: Honda CX500 Land Speed Racer

Location: USA

BEHIND THE BUILD: "Established land speed race team (2014) originally rooted in Chicago, IL and now planted in Irvine, CA. 1979 Honda CX500 push-rod blown (turbocharged) fuel (methanol) EFI monster! The machine currently holds records in the East Coast Timing Association (ECTA), and Southern California Timing Association (SCTA). Top Speed 157mph, with sites set at the mid 170s this year. Luke Anderson and I (Sean Miller) are longtime best friends that grew up in Chicago, IL. We jokingly came up with an idea of building a fast motorcycle, and after a few beers, I convinced Luke to trade his 1961 Rambler for a partially running 1979 Honda CX500. You could say it’s a touchy subject for Luke to this day. In 2018 we raced in the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) at Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway. Here, we smashed a 14-year-old record with a speed of 140.569mph (Modified Pushrod Blown Fuel Class) and a 15-year-old record of 136.428mph (Modified Partial Streamlined Pushrod Blown Fuel Class) while setting a new top speed of 157mph. The bike was set up and raced in as a “naked” bike. In 2019 we plan to finish the build by incorporating a full fairing and race again at the Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway. Background on the Build: The build started in our parent’s garage (mid-2017) with a partially running, stock 1979 Honda CX500. The bike was interesting to us since it was a 4-valve pushrod motor that was water cooled and relatively cost-effective platform for our budget. Switching gears to late 2017, life independently brought both of us to Irvine, CA where the build continued out of an 8’ x 12’ storage unit. Here, we incrementally engineered the bike beyond its intended design by outfitting it with an EFI system which provides us with a multitude of information we can adjust between races; timing, spark, rpms, fuel mapping, engine/air temperatures, boost pressure, AFR are some of the outputs we review and adjust after each run. We added multiple fuel injectors that feed the bike full of pure methanol and parlayed it with a K03 turbo that supplies us with approximately 14-20psi of boost. The motor integrates custom pistons and rods by CP Carillo, ARP head studs, and a modified Honda CX650 gearbox and clutch basket. Although the frame looks stock, some adjustment was needed to account for our 23-inch rear wheel we laced to the stock hub. Lastly, the bike is equipped with a pair of 2003 forks off a Honda Fire Blade. Stock, the bike produced approximately 49HP, currently, it’s at 150HP. Sites are not set on aerodynamics and a new record in the mid-170's mph.