Roman malus

Name: roman malus

Bike: OLLIE'S RIDE,Yamaha SR250

Location: Slovenia

BEHIND THE BUILD: The project took place in two phases. First, turning the Yamaha SR 250 into a scrambler. Of course then, like any real family, when the kids were leaving the house, we bought a dog. Our pet soon showed great joy in driving a car with the window open. But such a car driving was forbidden, it was a quick solution, making a sidecar for a dog. Since I was driving the cult Citroene 2CV6 in the mid 80's, there were a couple of rear fender left in the garage. From the two fenders a sidecar boat is made. The suspension chassis was designed according to our own plans. Even a dog safety harness, and the first runs were a success. The wife is jealous of course, so the next project is a scrambler for my wife.