Reio Ono

Name: Reio Ono

Bike: Motorcycrawler (Honda Nauty Dax)

Location: Japan

BEHIND THE BUILD: "数年前から作り始め、一時期は自動車用タイヤを短冊に切り裂いて作ったネットで2つの後輪を包み、キャタピラの様にしてみたが50ccのエンジンでは負荷が大きく走破性は低かった。 I started making it for several years, and at one time I cut the car tire into strips and wrapped the two rear wheels with a net, and like the caterpillar, the 50cc engine had a large load and low runnability. This year, all tires will be replaced with those for cultivators, and specifications will be changed to more easily run through rough roads. It's not like the speed, but it's like a laboratory for me, specializing in running ability and changing."