Patrick Belmonte

Name: Patrick Belmonte

Bike: Trash find / Gas-Electric conversion / Scrambler

Location: USA

BEHIND THE BUILD: My name is Patrick Belmonte, at 37 years old, and live just outside Boston MA. Out for my morning jog last fall, I stumbled across a a small seized and rusty motorcycle on someone's trash. Wires were hanging everywhere, lights were broken but I was intrigued, so I pushed it home. I had never ridden a motorcycle, nor did I have any experience with repairing gas powered engines. About ten years ago I found Zero Motorcycles on the web, and thought, if I was to ever ride a motorcycle I would want it to be electric. This was because of my commitment to environmental issues and the work I do in the STEM education / sustainability field. (I work in low income community schools running workshops for children on sustainability and climate change.) You should see how excited kids get when they see this motorcycle silently pull into their classroom! It has turned out to be a great learning tool. So after much research, I began the process of building an electric motorcycle. After many iterations, I have a fully electric motorcycle, that I built from mostly recycled/repurposed parts. It uses about 500 of the same lithium-ion cells as a Tesla. The 10,000 watt hub motor and the 84v battery set up gets the bike up to 50MPH in about 5 seconds. It has about a 60 mile range. It charges in about 3 hours on a regular 110 outlet but also has regenerative braking, so i can extend rides if ride it right. It links via bluetooth to my phone for full control of amperage, battery temperature, throttle and braking sensitivity. The "gas tank" is a very large storage area. I think this is the ultimate city bike. This bike is a blast to ride, it makes absolutely no noise, and handles like a dream. Everyone who takes it for a ride, even the hardcore Harley guys, (which includes my father-in-law) comes back with a shit -eatin' grin