Oliver Valenghi

Name: Oliver Valenghi

Bike: Gravel Gutz - Honda Ca125 custom

Location: UK

BEHIND THE BUILD: I've written this about 15 times now, my phone keeps freezing or rejecting it or something.... Hopefully this gets through. I built this as my first ever bike, I'm a designer in Yorkshire, UK. I work for big boring clients with corporate guidelines all day so in the evenings and on weekends I love to create REAL things. Everything that's been built on this bike was by myself, including the signwritten "L"oser plates. Some cool old bits like old BSC wing nuts from the railway welded to bolts replace the standard stuff, an old printing roller micrometer is the arse-saver. A vintage Lucas lamp from some sort of Austin I believe is the headlamp. Hand made bars, exhaust etc. Nifty little battery box that folds in on itself to keep it secure without and fasteners. 32 denotes the page of the Pantone book that the coral colour was taken from, the dark blue is an old RAF Grey Blue colour used on war machines in WW2 that I fell in love with. The idea with this bike was that I wanted it to look like something you'd see strapped to a tank for the boys to smash between battalions on their peace time without worrying about it getting it damaged. Hope you like it, DEUS has always been an inspiration to me in the design, fashion and build world. Looking forward to my next build...