Noah Yamen

Name: Noah Yamen

Bike: Deathwing - 76 Goldwing Bobber

Location: USA

BEHIND THE BUILD: Oh boy. I hate writing about myself. Well, my name is Noah. I'm 35, live in Des Moines, IA. I grew up around motorcycles. My father has been building them his whole life solely for the enjoyment of it, not for making money. Grew up travelling around the states and Canada on bikes and sidecars. I inherently loved motorcycles for it. Started building my own bikes about 5 years ago. And now that's all I'm doing full time, just building bikes. This Goldwing was my first proper build. I chose the Goldwing because growing up, the bike we travelled in was a 76 Goldwing with a sidecar that my dad built. I just wanted to build one but that reflected my style. I think its pretty cool. Maybe you think so too?