Nicolò Piva

Name: Nicolò Piva

Bike: Beep Beep' - Giulietta Peripoli 50 cc.

Location: Italy

BEHIND THE BUILD: As Geppetto immediately saw Pinocchio in that log, so I saw Beep Beep in Giulietta Peripoli 50 cc. Front fork of a Roma Sport bicycle Original tank put upside-down, with copper beak Bicycle light inside the beak Metal crest beaten by Cat.Omic (Nicetto) Fuel pipe on the side of the beak Testi Trail 50 muffler Extended kickstander, RoadRunner paws style “Ala” lettering chain box 30s bicycle seat Giulietta Morini 50 motor Painted bicycle pump: TNT stick of dynamite 50cc motorbike in pure Rat Rusty style, inspired by the creations of Ed Roth “Big Daddy” A few money spent, a lot of creativity, made with love and a lot of fun, a moped paid 100€ transformed into Beep Beep. Born as a motorcycle, thought as a sculpture!