Mike Dodd

Name: Mike Dodd

Bike: "The Little Rascal" Suzuki FR50

Location: New Zealand

BEHIND THE BUILD: Hi there, My name's Mike and I'm from New Zealand and this is my little Suzuki FR50 "the little rascal". I build bikes for fun in my small garage at home, I built this bike for small errands (read: beer runs!). It was in pretty bad shape when I picked it up as you can see from the before photo, it was missing a lot of parts, barely ran and was pretty flogged out! I cut away the underside of the frame and made some adaptor plates to mount up a 125cc engine out of a pit-bike. Since my budget for this bike was "as little as absolutely possible" I ended up making most of the parts myself rather than just adapting off-the-shelf parts. Some of these parts are: - Custom built skinny "lanesplitter" handlebars - Custom rear rack (sized carefully to fit a 6 pack of beers) - Custom machined tail light - Custom stainless exhaust (polished up) - Custom hard-tail struts with plate mount - Custom seat and upholstery Apart from that I mostly just repurposed other leftover parts I had lying around - levers, cables, grips etc. I gave it a new coat of metallic paint, used a tiny fog lamp for a headlight, gave it some new tyres and a chain and a few other finishing up bits and pieces. It's a lot more fun to ride around than it should be and never fails to get smiles and shakas each time I take it out. All up it owes me less than $900 NZD including buying the donor bike, the new engine, paint and all the other bits and pieces. So I was pretty happy it managed to mostly stick to my original budget plans! (Although I don't want to count the hours I've spent building parts for it haha). Thanks guys!