Mark Gurney

Name: Mark Gurney

Bike: TRG200 HYBRID 1968 Suzuki T200

Location: Australia

BEHIND THE BUILD: I have entered the DBBO every year, besides the very first. I built this bike from a pile of corroded metal that was holding up a shed for too many years. Every part was damaged, most beyond repair. This bike was the ultimate "basket case" that I had ever seen. Many discussions with the engine builder as to "why" just let it die! But I wanted to bring her back. I transplanted the 84-85 RG250 front and rear, to give her a more modern look, along the lines of a X5 GT200. The "most from the least" is the most damaged, rusted, corroded, basket case of a bike, that was neither worth nor chance of coming back to life, being resurrected with the least amount of respect for genuine heratige. I scoured the electronic world for parts and made them fit, and made everything else!