Marcus Meyer

Name: Marcus Meyer

Bike: Seppi, NSU Quickly

Location: Germany

BEHIND THE BUILD: Hello DEUS Team, I present you my Seppi. He is a NSU Quickly with 50 cc from the year 1956. The Quicklys were in the post-war period with us in Germany a motorized bicycle that could afford even the little citizen. When I got it, it was in a very bad condition and consisted only of frame, engine, fork and the 26 "wheels. I rebuilt it in the stem of a board tracker, modeled after a Pinerest inspiration. Today we both return to shopping in our crowded city and are the sensation of all retirees who always tell me their stories from back then as they work with their quicklys in wind and weather, or even with family on holiday in the Mountains drove. Greetings From Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany ;)