Kimmo Janhunen

Name: Kimmo Janhunen

Bike: Raleigh Model 15 1927 "Evileigh"

Location: Finland

BEHIND THE BUILD: Greetings from Finland! I proudly present my very first own motorcycle, The Evileigh, which started as a pile of grimy parts mostly from 1927 Raleigh Model 15. I had a dream of a 1930's style board tracker and I saw the potential in that pile. While me being the mastermind and bouncing off my ideas the guy called Juha "Raiza" Raitio (@raitio36), a Finnish bike builder, actually caught up the best of them, added some of his own and gathered together this authentic looking a little piece of racer. I hope you dig it. I do! Best regards, Kimmo Janhunen