Jason Lisica

Name: Jason Lisica

Bike: 1972 Honda CL350 (Omega)

Location: USA

BEHIND THE BUILD: Been building bikes since I was 14 years old, which makes nearly three decades. This one is the first I will be keeping for myself. It's a 1972 Honda CL350. Swap meet special. I picked up the bare frame for cheap and started sourcing parts. I matched the CL tank slope to the brat seat I bought. After that I put my extended swingarm kit on there and made my perfect triangle. Then I had to lower the front end to make the whole bike sit level. I heated up the outer fork springs and compressed them using a spring compressor to get them to mash down to the right height. Then I cut a section out of the fork legs and rewelded them. The tank and headlight ears were stripped to bare metal and torched with propane to give it a burnt pipe look. All the electronics are mounted under the seat in a flat tray. For the exhaust I got two left side CL350 exhausts and cut one of them apart to make the right side rams-horn effect. The two sides aren’t identical because the engine cases are different, but it turned out great.