Gilles Manzato

Name: Gilles Manzato

Bike: Honda C70 Sidecar

Location: Bali

BEHIND THE BUILD: This groovy little motorbike (wink wink to the Beach Boys fans out there) was my birthday present to my girlfriend 4 years ago. We had just moved to Bali and she soon enough started to collect rescue dogs from the streets... So I came up with the sidecar idea to bring our furry gang to the beach. My name is Gilles (@gillesm), I am a web developer and have always loved building things, big and small. The engine of this little Honda C70 has been replaced by a Supra 100 bore up to 125cc in order to be able to pull the weight of the sidecar. The lights and buttons were printed on my 3D printer, and all the electronics are controlled by a Moto Gadget m-Unit. The sidecar was my biggest challenge but also my greatest pride. Everything was built from scratch; i designed the frame, body and connection system on CAD, worked with local artisans to produce the parts and assembled it in my garden. Now, we're able to take our 3 rescue Bali dogs (@thebalisquad) on rides everywhere we go. And I can tell you we clearly don't go unnoticed.