Gilles Kergadallan

Name: Gilles Kergadallan

Bike: Brap One, Honda Nx650

Location: France

BEHIND THE BUILD: Actually this is my first build. As a graphic designer, i always wanted to do those kind of custom works, but i wasn't sure that i could accomplished it. So i did a one week motorcycle mecanic workshop to gain confidence. Then I did a lot of sketchs, researchs, pinterest boards until i found out whar i wanted to do. Not having previous experience, i did a lot by myself to learn the craft. I was helped by my friend christophe devaux which is a car mecanic, my girlfriend who tolerated a half naked bike in the house and some extra guys to do the frame weld and epoxy paints. Finally, i've done the photoshoot by myself in my yard ! Pretty happy with the result :)