George Paleologos

Name: George Paleologos

Bike: Kawasaki SuperSherpa 250

Location: Greece

BEHIND THE BUILD: Hallo from Greece, I'm George aka Balcony. When my little girl was born in 2012, because of some (Luckily not really serious) health issues she was facing, I had to stay a lot at home. The result was that I had to quit from my hobbies that I really loved like riding bikes with friends, Windsurfing, Kiting etc. After a couple of months as I was becoming crazy doing nothing for me, I decided to buy an old Honda Dax to restore on the Balcony of our flat. Being always into bikes, when the Dax finished I started an other one and then the next one and the story goes on and on. After a point my lady started fricking out seeing the house becoming to a garage, spending money and smelling gas everywhere, she said that’s enough, get reed of everything from the Balcony and as our little princess is totally healthy and you don’t have to be in house all your spare time find another place to do your staff. My two best mates have a motorcycle repair shop so we started building bikes together for friends and customers and this is how Balcony Bikes started as a part time – having fun Job. This certain build started as a Kawasaki Sherpa, a really good but ugly bike that the customer wanted to transform to a cozy all around mule for the center of Athens. We chopped and welded the subframe, fitted Suzuki TS Tank, new handlebars – controls etc., handmade exhaust, a S.E.V vintage fog light from my collection and many smaller parts and bits trying to make the bike he dreamed of. From his reactions we are sure that he loved the result and he described it as a present to himself as we delivered her in Christmas, few days before his first child came to birth! That’s my little story in few words and as everybody who is customizing a bike, my dream is to see her on Deus BikeBuildoff! Take care George Ps. I would be more than happy to take you for a drink and ride together if you ever come to Greece!