Arun Thomas George

Name: Arun Thomas George

Bike: Tracker, Bajaj Pulsar 150

Location: India

BEHIND THE BUILD: I’m an automobile engineer working as a lecturer in an engineering college. I started working on this bike with an ambition to build a model bike that looks like a motocross. Once I started working, my dream was to make it run. And with time it changed, and I come up with a well working tracker bike. The bike I used for this build was a Bajaj Pulsar 150 (150cc single cylinder four stroke engine). There is a few changes I have made on the chassis to give it that look. First of all the swing-arm has been lengthened by adding a piece of another same swing-arm that I bought from a junkyard. Thus the wheelbase has been increased. The seat tube and seat stay are fully customised and is made out from a steel rode which is bended and welded together. The top tube in which the fuel tank and engine rests are stock parts. The fuel tank used is from a Kawasaki boxer and the head light is from a Yamaha RX100. The mono shock used at the rear side is from a Honda unicorn. The front shock absorbers are from the stock bike but the height of it is increased by replacing the top end bolt of shock absorbers by a customised end cap which is built from a lathe. The tyres used are from Ralco which are on/off road tyres.