Arno Morel

Name: Arno Morel

Bike: Bitza R100/2

Location: France

BEHIND THE BUILD: Hi! This is my 2nd bike. After the first one, BMW too, i decided to build my bike from zero. I first found a 55's frame from a R60/2 in a barn. Then a motor and i choose a 60cv R100 motor to have maximum power at low rpm. I rebuilt it entirely. I put a front drum, fork from 74 Honda CB450 to have more massive look. Tank come from an old 45 french motorcycle found in swapmeet and adapt it for my frame. I found in a vintage market the gas cap. It's not a gas cap first. It's an old brass fireman cap. What I wanted to do is not a show bike or fake bike. I ride every day with it. it cost me 3000 euros to do it and the most important thing is to adapt vintage pieces not ordering on an online catalogue, pieces with no soul and no history. The result is an unseen beemer. That's my bike and my way of life. Hope you enjoy it guys. Cheers. Arno