Alessio & Gianmaria Zoni

Name: Alessio & Gianmaria Zoni

Bike: Eureka 2%

Location: Italy

BEHIND THE BUILD: Eureka is the story of a discovery. My father and I wanted to build a motorcycle, a challenge not so easy and already hard at the beginning. Our goal was to spend as little as possible, recovering second-hand parts and relying on what we had. In short, “the art of getting by", in full Italian style, driven by passion and enthusiasm. The base from which we started was a 1974 Garelli Eureka Matic, a workhorse moped very popular in Italy during those years, with a 50cc automatic two-speed engine and pedal start, but which had been stopped for 30 years. With great astonishment it was enough to change the spark plug, clean the carburetor, put fresh gas in and – eureka! – the Garelli is back to life. From that moment began the actual work; the moped has been completely dismantled: the engine and the carburetor (we have kept the originals) have been polished, the pedals has been replaced with a studied motocross kick-start lever. The bulk of the work was done on the chassis and suspensions: a horizontal reinforcement bar has been welded to the chassis, which defined the new design of the moped by raising up the tank. The swingarm has been extended to improve weight balance and give more space to the rear wheel. We've installed a new exhaust, with the collectors hand-forged by my dad, his masterpiece. Then we added two (necessary) rear suspensions, fitted a larger chainring and added a chain tensioner. The aesthetic has been radically renewed, taking inspiration from flat-track and the colors of Steve McQueen's historic Husqvarna. The black plastic fenders and the new (and more comfortable) long seat give a more racing look; as well as the on-off button (recovered from a bedside lamp), a little treat. I also made a restyling of the original Eureka logo, then applied on the saddle and on those shirts we wear very proudly. And if in the end we also managed to save money, we certainly didn't save ourselves and we made it. Eureka!